What is “Bloom CIty”?

Our human society builds a city where we live and have been developing our lives in continuous interaction with the nature. A village had been surrounded by the nature, have included natural system inside a city as its developing, and in these days, on the contrary, its urban area makes barriers not to adversely affect the nature from the urban.
 Our “Bloom City” is a king of urban designs making “healthier” interaction between the nature and people in a wide range from a village to a urban city. We apply “Bloom City” design to networking a spatial, temporal and territorial variety of planning and practices. This includes such as caring individual mental and physical health under COVID-19, supporting practices of local society and local industries, making an ecosystem service and building resilience, promoting international communication and national land use planning to achieve SDGs, etc.

Connect by “Top-Up” & “Inter-“

There are many methodologies closely connecting human society and the nature and then composing a healthy city;

◆”Top-Up” is an interactive method between national, regional and municipal policy making over multi-scale & multi-layer, and a variety of practices in the fields of a city.

◆”Inter-” is a sense which makes an organic ecosystem based on a professional organisation and practice over spatial & temporal scales in an area towards the comprehensive plan of the whole city.

Create a user-oriented service

We support on surveying, inventing and promoting local services for healthier city which are available to each user in an area.

◆e.g. “Greenery Community” is a platform remaking communal involvements with gardens and parks in a suburban area. There are a variety of independent activities of green preservation: Hearing good stories and finding “a tangent” between the practices. Selecting a better way of landscaping and procurement of best plants that fit an image of the area. Arranging a plan in discussion with a landscaping contractor & a municipality then checking in and after the construction. Promoting public relation to the green as an areal common asset. Managing and succeeding the green as face of the area. These activities seem to be closely connected but are often and actually separated at the points such as a project order or legal responsibility. One of our services makes meaningful linking over the activities on the communal platform and involve with actions as a member of the community.

Archives of community practices

Here are the articles about the abstract of a past research and information of present practices.

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Here Fujisawa city has more than 50 fruit […]
Background Keiiku Festival is a local festival to […]
We harvested more barley than expected. Next work […]

Our practices at an old farmer house “Gombachi” in the suburban rural area

Old Rural House

At the 100-year-old farmer house in north-western Fujisawa, Kanagawa located in the 50 km of Metropolitan region, we promote some kinds of practices for “Bloom City” like below:

◆Studio lending service for lessons with refreshing time in the nature of suburban rural area.

◆Holding programme experiencing traditional lifestyle interactive with the environmental nature.

◆”Senary Industrialization” which collaborates with local primary industries of agriculture, fishery and forestry, and promotes branding of local production for local consumption.

◆Collaborative and communal health promotion of a healthy food environment,  physical activities and mental health with knowledge of health science and medical care by a university and hospital.