Here Fujisawa city has more than 50 fruit gardens. Every fruit garden produces many fruits in many varieties and you can enjoy a variety of fruits whole year. In the old days Fujisawa was sometimes called “Fruits Kingdom” as its producing varieties and amounts of fruits. However, many farm areas of fruits were developed for residential areas during rapid economic growth after WWII. Fruits farmers produced much less amount of fruits and lost the chances of wholesale at the central wholesale market. They, therefore, changed production strategy to the quality and sales strategy to direct selling and gift presentation at their garden shops.

Not all fruits are suited to the climate zone of Fujisawa and some new invader insects or viruses which kill several varieties of fruits by its diseases or pests are found in several years in Japan due to the global trade and global warming. Farmers and gardeners study from books or lectures and learn from practices the techniques making more delicious fresh fruits in better conditions suitable the climate changeable in every year. Almost all fruits gardens are family business with seasonal part-time jobs for busy period and grow fruits in High-Mix Low-Volume productions with their careful handiwork.

>> See the map of fruit gardens in Fujisawa and “How about to go fruits picking at farmers’ garden in Fujisawa? ” by Fujisawa City

From these many delicious attractive fruits produced in Fujisawa, we chose “grape” and made it processed into dried grape in time for the event of “Onsen Gastronomy in Fujisawa” on 3 / Oct / 2021.

See the Link > “What’s ONSEN & Gastronomy Walking?”

We ordered the grape for Kishida Fruits Garden who preserves the historical heritage of a gabled roof gate for 300 years.

More hearty stories (in Japanese) > The Soul Farmer vol.2 “Kishida Fruits Garden: The secret to the survival of a venerable farmer was the foresight of a united family.”

Two varieties of “BK Seedless” and “Oceans’ Eye” have the unique taste of dried grape which is completely different from the fresh ones. Contents of water and sugar were different in every grain that need careful check in the process of drying. We took a trial processing of the dried grape with the Vita Sana Co. Ltd. who collected many kinds of seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits in and around Fujisawa and was responsible and confident about processing dried vegetables and fruits without preservatives and additives. Now that the dried grapes are ready as an intermediate product, the next step is to monitor the many user reviews for the final product.

Therefore we look for those who taste and review our trial dried grapes. This dried grapes is in the intermediate production stage that has no packaging design, the number of pieces is different in each bag, labeling backside of a bag is simply stuck by cellophane tape, etc. We froze the grapes at -18℃ four days after the production. The results of microbiological and physical-chemical tests on the expiration dates showed that semi-dry products (refrigerated) is for 9 days and dry products (stored at room temperature) for 18 days.

If you are for us and willing to support our vision to create a new product brand of Fujisawa, please check our online shopping site below, choose & order an interested package, then contact us and let us listen to your sincere reviews about our dried grape.

Link to Shop Site > Keiiku Market



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