We have a whole-year programme on Rice Cultivation in Fujisawa, Kanagawa.

We start a whole-year workshop in Fujisawa, Kanagawa which participants can experience one of the roots in Japanese culture.

Traditional way of cultivating rice in Uchimodori district gives you wonderful experiences in nature. This could also let you recognise how low-profile each practice is and what importance of agricultural manual labour by communal power. It is a chance knowing various beings in Satoyama area for children as well as refresh time over artificial environment for parents. Old agricultural tools which were kept in storehouse and seldom used in these days can show how people have been developing historically better tools for more production of rices. On December in the off-season, you also learn there are some works preparing for New Year’s with traditional folk religion which one is weaving sacred straw rope, second is pounding and making mirror-shaped Mochi, third is decorating pine branches at the gate of a house, and so on.

Why not take part in our programme on agricultural experiences which would guide you through an important aspect of Japanese history around rice cultivation?!

9 / Apr (Sat)Mowing of the sidewalks along the rice fields, Digging bamboo shoots
30 / Apr (Sat)Growing rice
29 / May (Sun) 8:30 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m.Cleaning of irrigation canals
3 (Fri), 4 (Sat), 5 (Sun) / JunSports Fes in Rice Field, Preparing rice field
11 / Jun (Sat)Rice planting
25 / Jun (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields
9 / Jul (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields
23 / Jul (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields
6 / Aug (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields
20 / Aug (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields, Cutting rice grasses to weave sacred straw rope in December, Making bamboo stands for drying the rice grasses
27 / Aug (Sat)Fresh grape picking in some fruits gardens
3 / Sep (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields
17 / Sep (Sat)Weeding in Rice fields
1 / Oct (Sat)Making bamboo stands for drying rice
8 / Oct (Sat)Rice harvesting
15 / Oct (Sat)Rice harvesting
5 / Nov (Sat)Threshing grains of rise
19 / Nov (Sat)Hulling outer covers of rise
17 / Dec (Sat)Weaving sacred straw rope, Pounding Mochi by our harvested glutinous rice
1 / Jan / 2023 (Sat)Making “My Family’s Homemade Miso” with rice malt fermented by our harvested rice

◆Participation cost:10000 JPY / group
◆Deliverables:10kg brown rices per group
◆Things to bring:clothing that can get dirty, shoes (rubber boots for paddy field), working gloves, mask, bucket hat, beverage, change of clothes, towel, sunscreen
◆We cultivate three varieties of rices this year
 ●Non-glutinous rice:Tsuyahime, Akinishiki
 ●Glutinous rice:Green rice

 ●Phone: 090-5492-8427
 ●FAX: 0466-53-8464
 ●E-mail address : info [at] manyoraku.co.jp (please change [at] to “@” )
 ●Officer: HARA (Old Gombachi)



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