Our Vision

In 2020, the proliferation of COVID-19 has led us to rethink the way we live in cities, expanding the way we work to suburban and rural mountainous areas, based in different locations but connected online. We are beginning to visit the familiar places where we live to discover new things and make new connections with new people.

We have also reached a major turning point in thinking about “health” through COVID-19. We realized that when a large number of people get together, the infection spreads, but without human connection, the heart is not satisfied and social activities stagnate. The world needs healthy connections in both individual lives and organized efforts.

As we have more opportunities to experience life’s activities, we are valuing human relationships more than ever before and creating new organizational and community ties. We call this a “Sense of Beings”, in which previously invisible relationships are reevaluated and reconnected through “life”.

Our goal is to create a “Japan Capital” that represents “Japan” in harmony with the world by connecting various initiatives through this inspiration of “Sense of Beings”. With this goal in mind, we are engaged in a variety of businesses.

Written on 25 / Oct / 2020

Company Information

Company NamePEN Limited
RepresentativeYuki HARA
Establishment2018 / May / 28
Capital1 million JPYen
Head Office Yoshizawa Terrace House 1, Katase 4-6-9, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
Fiscal YearApr / 1 – Mar / 31
Business 〇Promoting industries with natural resources
〇Areal and Regional services with communal practices
〇Intergenerational education services
〇International and Intercultural services
〇Planning and operating events