HortiLife in English

Old Rural House "Gombachi"

Lectures at our traditional farmer house and at near practice sites by our partners.
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Intercultural Campus

Learning Agriculture at an Intercultural Campus

1 day or 2 days and 1 night Lectures in Fujisawa
Rice, vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, livestock.
Ancient tools and traditional agriculture.
Modern technologies of organic and natural farming.

2 days / 1 night to 4 days / 3 nights Lectures in Kiminomori
Local distinctive agricultural, forestry and fishery products.
Large scale and traditional & modern techniques.

Promotion to Healthy Cities

Keniku Festival

Propose and operate Healthy events in collaboration between industry, government, academia and citizen.

Smartphone lectures to watch over the Aged people.
2-hour sport lecture for stocking Health Assets of parents and children.
A variety of Science lectures about health, etc.

Upcoming Events

What is 萬葉楽 / PEN

The oldest book of songs in Japan, “Manyoshu” (萬葉集 in Japanese), collected wide varieties of songs from the emperors to soldiers, from Tohoku area to Kyusyu area, about loves, lives, landscapes, things, etc.

“Manyoshu” also reflects many views of nature in a lot of lives involving and feelings of nature in that era. These are the origins of our present lives, some of which we forgot.

萬葉楽 originates Manyoshu (萬葉集), aims at creating a culture of human lives in diversity with nature for a long time like Manyoshu .

It is the concept above that “PEN” is an abbreviation from “Play with Eternal Nature”.

But lives with nature are never limited to “play”. Therefore, PEN expands its meaning in “P” and we would like you to imagine and create your own ” P **** Eternal Nature”.
P**** = perform play, practice, pray, preamble,,,,,

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Cotomo Farm

“Cotomo Farm” – Experience farm of harvesting organic vegetables.
Harvesting, Learning, and Relaxing in nature, Fujisawa.


Farmer’s Restaurant Ibuki

Be an Owner of a Blueberry tree in Fujisawa?!

Learn maintenance methods by professional gardener,

Harvest your best blueberry and Eat your delicious blueberries as much as you want!