Mission & Company Information


PEN Limited is a starter company doing small practices in some local areas within many global value networks.

 Our innovative value of “Japan Capital” was from voices of international students at a university. The first keyword was “Intercultural Community” to listen to the students’ needs and to make a variety of collaboration with many local stakeholders in an ares. These got us to find global necessary values linking Japan and the world:

 Beyond “Inter”, we should share values of a local area between many local areas, and create more attractive and bigger values.

 This collaborating values will combine all local areas into a Japan and make the Japan value which the world wants.

 Then, we can supply the very Japan services toward the global needs among international communities or intercity coworking & coliving.

 Thus, it is the “Japan Capital” that PEN Limited aims to create and develop by our business activities.

A worthwhile global value appears on links between a plenty of small, small fields in the world. PEN Limited stands beside our customers, proposes and does by ourselves an exciting plan with people in a local area under global contexts, and achieves the values for the world.

Company Information

Company Name: PEN Limited (合同会社 萬葉楽)

Headquarters: Yoshizawa Terrace House 1, 4-6-9, Katase, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 251-0032, Japan

Founded: 28 May 2018

Representative Employee: Yuki HARA (原 悠樹)

Capital: 1,000,000 JPY